Before starting, here are some important words that will help you understand the setting instructions of each watch.

Although, in many cases, customers value style over functionality, all watches need some settings to give you the best.

All watches have their own settings depending on its movement and by the way functionnalities they have at their disposal.

You might be wondering how to use them?

We are happy to show you all the details below, depending on the model you bought, or on which one you will be succumb.

In our example we want to set 17th at 13h30 (1:30pm)

  • To set the date, pull the crown in position 1 and rotate it counterclockwise until the day before, 16th for our example
  • To set the time, pull the crown in position 2 and rotate it clockwise until the desired time. If it's afternoon, you have to rotate 12 hours more, like in our example
  • Push the crown back in position 0

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